Thursday, 21 June 2018

United States of America

June 11, 2018

This card came from another Canadian, but she is living in the US.  She wrote a friendly message on the back of her card too.

She wrote,

Hi Helen,
I am also a Canadian! I moved to US 4 years ago and about to start my PhD here.  I wonder how life is different for you in Japan! I dream of visiting Japan one day.

Happy Postcrossing!

Monument Valley, Arizona

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

United States - Books

June 11, 2018

This card was a lovely surprise in my mailbox. I received it in a handful of cards one day.  Beverly sent it to me from the US.

She wrote,

Hello Helen!
How exciting for you to live in Japan & be a writer! I hope you like this card of people reading...I too enjoy reading.

Have you read Ann Patchett's books? I think she writes gr8! stories - so intriguing.

All the best to you in 2018 - Beverly

[Just a note, I'm not actually a writer, I'm not sure where Beverly got that idea from.]

"Paperback Riders" by Owen Smith
June 26 & July 3, 1995
A lovely card, I really like it!

Thursday, 14 June 2018


June 9, 2018

This card came from Germany and was sent by Christian.

He wrote,

Hello Helen,

I'm Christian from Germany. I live in Wenden, Sauerland region. I collect cats and other animal postcards. I hope you'll like this card.

Greetings, Christian

Now, sad to say, I don't actually know anything about this card.  I am fairly certain that the woman is from Game of Thrones, but I am not completely sure.  Can a reader confirm for me?
The back of the card was well decorated too. I rarely do that, but I don't mind when other people do it! I like the car stamp too! Must be a series since I have received another one similar to this.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Germany - Food

June 8, 2018

This delicious card came from Ingeborg from Germany.  She wrote a nice note (it doesn't always happen, trust me!) and picked me a good card, so I'm happy!

She wrote,

Hallo Helen,

My name is Ingeborg. I live in Gottingen, university town in the middle of Germany. I work as a librarian in a scientific institute. I like to do Yoga, to walk around and to travel as well.  All the best

Sadly, I wouldn't be able to eat too much of the pizza because of food sensitivities, but it looks delicious!

Thanks, Ingeborg!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Gotochi Card - Tohoku 2017

2017 Tohoku Cards

A friend of mine bought these cards for me at her local main post office.  I had asked at my local main branch but they said they didn't have them and couldn't get them.  Methinks they couldn't be bothered to try!

I have already posted the card for Yamagata, so I didn't repost it here.  

Wooden Lunch box from Akita


Aizu Wakamatsu Castle in Fukushima

Morioka's Jajamen noodles

Sendai's famous Gyutan, or beef tongue from Miyagi

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


May 17, 2018

This lovely postcard arrived last month in the rain.  The back of the card is a bit smeary but is generally readable.

Elena wrote,

Hello from Saint-Petersburg! I hope you will like this postcard from your favourites. I worked for Sumitomo Corp. here in SPC and want to visit Japan since then.  But also I like Canada and it's[sic] landscapes!
Happy Postcrossing!

The Night - Irina Dumina

Friday, 1 June 2018

Netherlands - Food

May 15, 2018

This card came to me at a good time. I was having a bad day and I really needed to receive a friendly card.  I instantly felt connected to the sender with her lovely note on the back of the card.

She wrote;

25 April 2018

Dear Helen,
Greetings from The Netherlands,
I am originally from the UK & move here from Scotland.
I have family in Canada that I am just connecting with through
my research of the family tree.
The Dutch like this dish with sausage - I used to enjoy it too
before I became allergic to the peas!

I do the research as I was adopted so I used DNA to find my roots.
It is DNA Day today - Sascha Jane X

Snert (Hollandse erwtensoep)
Dutch Pea Soup
 She made a comment about liquorice allsorts, even put a sticker with some on it on the back of the card.  I love this stamp! So cool.

She said, "English liquorice allsorts - the Dutch adore liquorice, salty & sweet