Tuesday, 17 July 2018


June 18, 2018

I received this card in a batch one day, Natalie sent it and asked me quite a few questions that were fun to answer when I thanked her for the card.

Natalie wrote:

I'm sending you regards from the very south of Germany, Bavaria. I live in the city called Sonthofen. It's near the famous castle of King Ludwig "Neuschwastein"-you may know it?
Why did you move to Japan?
You left your family and friends?
I guess this might be the hardest thing...

All the best!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Russia - Bond Black and White Card

June 18, 2018

A little Weekend Bonus for you here as I have received quite a few great cards recently and haven't had much time to post them.  It's a long weekend here and I'm off on a little trip.

Irina sent this great card to me from Moscow with her friendly note.  I love Bond Cards!

Irina wrote:

My name is Irina. I'm from Moscow. My hobbies are reading good books, weaving, knitting and cross-stitching.

Best Wishes!

007 Donald Pleasence as Ernst Stavro Blofeld in
You Only Live Twice (1967)

I'm not sure what the stamps are about, but the first one is something to do with surgery and medicine I think.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Canada - My Hometown!

June 18, 2018

This fabulous, super, wonderful card came to me from my home province of Alberta in Canada.  The sender very kindly wrote a friendly note and sent a card from my hometown!

Glenn wrote:

Hey Helen,
Hello from Airdrie, the small town just north of Calgary that's grown now to over 65,000. Thought I'd send you a little bit of Edmonton. It's the New Rogers Place. I guess when you com back this way, you'd see big changes in Edmonton. I know Calgary has sure grown in the last 25 years.

Take care 'eh.

I really enjoyed getting this card, even though I haven't seen Rogers Place yet.

Rogers Place, located in the Ice District, is a multi-use indoor arena in
 Edmonton, Alberta. It is mainly used for ice hockey and other indoor
sports, but is also configurable as a venue for concerts or other events.

Some lovely Canadian stamps on offer too.  Of course, fitting in the hockey theme, there's a hockey stamp, also Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second and some Art (but not a Garfunkle).

Thanks Glenn, I always enjoy receiving cards from Canada, it doesn't happen all that often sad to say.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


June 16, 2018

This pretty little card came from Sun in China.  She wrote a short note and used a lot of stamps on her card.

She wrote:

My name is Sun.
I like collecting
steamps[sic]. There are a lot of
lovely cartoons in Japan.

 It is quite unusual to see so many stamps on a postcard, but I rather like it!

Thanks Sun!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Germany - Black and White

June 14, 2018

This card came to me from Germany, as so many of them do these days.  It was sent by Olaf who wrote a short but friendly note to me.

He said,

Hello Helen,

I am 64 years old and live in Bremervorde. It is located near Hamburg.
I hope you like the postcard.
Greeting from Germany


Aktion mit Gaby Kutz vor:
Gerhard Richter, 48 Portraits
im Museum Ludwig, Koln - 8.8. 1990
The Spiritual impulses of the 90's are issued by the women.
According to Google Translate that is.

I'm not sure who the people in the photos are and whether they are writers or not.  It is definitely a card that I'd like more information on!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Taiwan - Movie Card

June 12, 2018

This is the kind of card that I love!  The sender found something that I would like, wrote a nice little note about their city and was friendly too.  She even used great stamps and had an excellent cancellation stamp used on my card.  Hurray!

She wrote,

[kanji] (Hello) ~ Greetings from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

If you come here for a visit, you shouldn't miss Pier Z Art Center, which consists of several old abandoned warehouses that have been converted into exhibition space and hosts plenty of exhibitions  throughout the year.  Hope you like this AD card of Movies. And welcome to Taiwan anytime!

Janice 2018.06.02

Jurassic World...haven't seen it yet, but hope to!

Aren't these stamps interesting?  I love the cancellation mark as well.

Friday, 29 June 2018


June 11, 2018

I would like to say nice things about this postcard I received, but I can't.  The sender didn't write any message at all on the card and even messed up the registration number.

This is the kind of received card that I dislike since there isn't even an attempt to be friendly.

Google translates this as "Green is best for you".