Friday, 19 September 2014

New Zealand

September 9, 2014

Rosheen sent this card from New Zealand.  She was a little surprised by my story.  She writes,"Wow - an ex-pat Canadian living in Japan - what an interesting life!  I hope you like this 'movie' card - I bought it in Honolulu earlier this year.  'Kia Ora' from New Zealand."

She sends her best wishes.

Paradise Hawaiian Style
Grossed $2.5 million, which was 1/2 million over the cost of $2,000,000.
Elvis played Rick Richards and his co-star Suzanna Leigh played Judy Hudson (Friday).
The soundtrack LP "Paradise Hawaiian Style" did reach #15 on the album charts.
This is an interesting Christmassy stamp!  It's interesting finding that on a card in September, but also quite cool.

Thanks Rosheen!


Hawwa Ma said...

Nice postcard. Your collection of cinema-related postcards is growing and growing!

I wonder why some people think that the life of expats is more interesting... :)

Helen said...

Maybe because Japan is soooo different from Canada? If I'd moved to Britain or the US, it wouldn't be such a big deal...both countries speak English...have similar cultures, but Japan really is a big change.....I think :-)?