Wednesday, 10 September 2014

United States - Statue of Liberty

August 25, 2014

Susan sent this great, slightly oversized card of the Statue of Liberty.  I think it might be the first one I've received of the landmark.

She writes," I have many favourite movies.  I like all of the Godfather movies & the Star Wars.  I love Westerns and war movies.  Hope you like the card.  My roommate got it at Liberty Island last month.  Cheers! "

The Statue of Liberty stands 305 feet above the New York Harbor.  Next to the flag, it's the most famous symbol for freedom.
Thank you!  The edging of the card is deckled like a stamp by the way, I had to scan it against a dark background to show it off a little.


Hawwa Ma said...

It's beautiful! I have never received a postcard from the statue of Liberty. I think most people thinks it's too famous and everybody knows, but I'd like to have one anyway.

Helen said...

I know! I was very pleased with it! It's a beautiful card, and as I said, I don't think I've ever had one before! I hope you get one soon :-)