Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Great Britain

October 6, 2014

Margaret writes that she hopes I will enjoy this view card of the Highlands, very beautiful with the right weather.  She has been retired for 8 years and she knits lots for charity.

She is not long back from BC and Alberta after visiting her daughter, who shares the my first name, and their 3 grandchildren.   She loves going to Canada.  She managed to take in the Calgary Stampede for the first time and loved it.

She closes with her best wishes from Scotland.
Glen Affric & Beinn Fhada, West Highlands

There was a very nice stamp on the card too, which I like a lot.

Scotland is one of my favourite places on the planet, so I really love this card.  Thanks so much for it!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Great card! I so want to visit Scotland someday. After reading the Outlander series, it fascinates me. Wish there was a similar engrossing book about old Japan, besides Shogun, that is.

Helen said...

It is a lovely card!

I haven't read the Outlander books...just heard too much about them I think!

I lived in Scotland for 3 years as a child, so I have many happy memories of it.

And, I hear you about Shogun...I read it when I was very young and it was half of the reason I wanted to come here!