Saturday, 11 October 2014

Japan - Gotochi Card

October 2, 2014

Kevin from Kyushu sent this card to me.  He saw this card in my favourites (twice!) so decided to send it.  He hopes I like it. (I do, very much!)

He writes that his favourite hobby right now is Postcrossing, even though he has many hobbies.  He also loves to hear/read comments about the cards he sends.

He wishes me all the best and happy postcrossing.

There are many stickers and decorations on the back of the card, it was a lovely surprise to receive!

Look at the cool and varied stamps on the back of this card.  Love them!

Thanks Kevin, this was a great postcrossing for me!


Hawwa Ma said...

These Gotochi cards are amazing. I wonder how they don't get damaged in way.

Helen said...

Thanks! This one was sent in the plastic it did arrive in good condition. Sometimes they get a little bent along the way, or the mail deliverer stuffs it into my mail slot too hard...that makes me rather annoyed, but it happens with all mail, not just Gotochi cards.

Sometimes I send them in an envelope, as I don't like to see them get damaged!