Friday, 3 October 2014

United States - Black & White Actor Card

September 19, 2014

Jenny sent me a nice chatty card along with this postcard of Marlon Brando.  She writes that she is from Connecticut in the US.  She works in a large hospital in the capital city, Hartford.

She hopes that I like this postcard, and says that she likes Marlon Brando, but unbelievably has never seen The Wild One! [Neither have I!]

She is jealous that I live in Japan and says that her and her boyfriend want to vacation in Japan rather badly, but it is expensive to get to Japan.  She asks if I like Japan and what my occupation is.

She chats a little about Canada, saying that she hasn't been to my hometown, but has been to Quebec City - which she thought was gorgeous.  She says it was easily the cleanest city she's ever been to.

Like me, she is a crocheter and is presently working on a Tunisian crochet scarf.  She asks if I've ever heard of Tunisian Crochet.  [Yes, but I haven't done any since I was much younger].

She closes with her best wishes.
Marlon Brando, The Wild One, 1954.  Photograph by Phil Stern
Thanks for the chat Jenny!  I love reading the back of postcards and feeling like I am having a conversation with the writer.

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