Saturday, 13 December 2014

Belarus - Books

December 6, 2014

Pavel wrote that he's from Belarus.  He asks if I like blackberries.  He sends his best wishes and wishes me a Happy Postcrossing.

I didn't notice the names of the books at first, they are very amusing.  If you look on the bookshelves, most of the books have titles that can be read.

I don't know anything about the person on this stamp.  Readers?  


Eva A. said...

I like this owl who seems so mailaholic as myself... :D

Elena Solonina said...

Hello! :)
Book names are connected with postal things - postal stamps, postcrossing :)

As for stamp - Oleg Novitskiy is a Russian cosmonaut, was born in Belarus. This series has 4 stamps - :)

Helen said...

Oooooh! Two comments! Lovely :-)

I did think of you a little when I saw this owl Eva !

And Elena, thank you so much! I'm not familiar with most of the cosmonauts, so it would have been difficult to find out which one he was.

I did get the names of the books, after I scanned the card! Before then I couldn't read them.

Thanks for your comments, ladies.

Elena Solonina said...

oh, I'm just from Belarus, so know some info about our stamps :)

Gosia Hołowaty said...

The owl postcard is awesome :D Wish to receive one like this too :D
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Helen said...

Thanks for visiting Gosia. You have so many postcards on your blog!