Thursday, 29 January 2015


January 26, 2015

Irina writes that she is from Minsk in Belarus.  She studies in the faculty of Finance and Banking.  She was born in little town in Stolin, but now she lives in another place .  She writes that she "very like chocolate and poems".  Me too!

This is a really interesting couple of stamps.  The big one on the right has the silver design on top.  Under some lights it isn't very visible, but is nice. The stamp on the left, I'm not sure if it is a stamp or a sticker as it doesn't have any writing or numbers on it.

Thanks Irina!


Elena Solonina said...

Hi :)

The stamp shows the Belarusian State Art Museum with paintings inside (what you see on the left stamp). Whole list of these stamps looks like here - :)

Helen said...

Thank you so much! Those are gorgeous stamps!

I appreciate the link too :-)