Thursday, 5 February 2015

Germany Twofer

January 31, 2015

Two lovely cards from Germany for you today.  Usually I group cards according to the subject matter if I can, but today I am grouping these by the stamps!  Both cards use the same stamp.  Read on!

Horst sent the first card and writes that he is 52 and lives in a small village south of Nuremberg.

He says that he is glad to send me the card with the lovely red sky he photographed from his house.   He wishes me all the best and happy postcrossing to Nippon!

I like this stamp and this postmark!


Lorenz sent this card from Germany and wrote a lot about the actor on it, but didn't write anything about himself.  I was quite disappointed actually.

He wrote, "Hans Albers, born 1891, died 1960, is one of the most prominent actors both in Hamburg where a square was named after him, as well as in all of Germany.  He starred in silent movies, B/W movies and coloured ones as well.  Outside of Germany he is hardly known.

Lorenz sends his best.

 Same stamp, but with an additional cancellation stamp beside it. I liked it a lot!


Eva A. said...

I like this kind of coincidences. And also, when people send pictures from their window I feel connected.

Helen said...

There are many coincidences with these cards! They arrived on the same day, and their numbers are within 10 of each other! I actually received 4 cards from Germany on that day...and the numbers were all really close...3 of them were in sequence!

I'm not sure about own photos...if the person is a good photographer it's fine, if they aren't it is less than great!

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