Monday, 30 March 2015

Australia - Movie Related

March 17, 2015

Kay is the sender of this great movie related card.  She wrote me a lovely note on the back of her card.

She said," Hullo, I don't normally send these type of cards but I notice that you are a movie fan so I thought you might like it.  Cards other than of Aussie animals and scenes of Sydney very hard to find for sale in Australia.

I am Kay, recently retired from the work force.  Time now for my hobbies & more travel - have been to 100 countries & large islands so far.  3 times to Japan and 3 times to Canada.  I went on a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Vancouver - a long but interesting journey.  Enjoy living in Japan, lucky you!   From Kay"
Step inside the famous wizard's magical world
Advertising card for a museum show in Sydney

This stamp is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I have driven over, walked and boated underneath this bridge a few times, so it is lovely to see it on this stamp!

Thanks Kay!

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