Thursday, 16 April 2015

Russian Trio

March 28, 2015

 I received 3 postcards from Russia on the same day!  It's a little unusual, but recently I have received quite a few cards from Russia. I thought I'd show them off in one entry, I hope you enjoy this trio as much as I did.
The first card comes from Nikita and her brother Ivan.  She writes that they are from Koroliov, Russia.  She does Tae Kwon Do and her brother practices figure skating.  They have started studying English.   She  has read my profile and hopes I like her message.  She wishes me good luck and signs the bottom of the card with a little logo.  She wrote" Happyness is not far away."

Unfortunately, the card information is only in Russian.  I don't know what this picture shows.
Victoriya sent this card to me and said that she lives in a city called Belgorod.  Her hobby is reading.  She likes movies too, esp. Bollywood & Hollywood.  Her favourite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks (Terminal, Cast Away, Inception, The Great Gatsby, The Green Mile). She bades me to have a good day. 
Audrey Hepburn
Lovely picture of Audrey!

Alina sends her greetings to me from Moscow.  She hopes that I'll like this card, even if there is a cat on it! She found this card in a Sunday Market in Lvov.  She says that it is a cozy city on the west of Ukraine.  She likes Lvov very much.  It has Austrian architecture and narrow streets.  Her friend celebrated her marriage there.  She wishes me a nice day.

Antiquary Book Market in the Pidval'na Str.

Three very varied cards, but interesting nonetheless!  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.


HappyCrafter said...

The first card - the logo is just the girl wrote - Happiness is not far away!

Helen said...

Thank you so much :-)

YTbKA777 said...

The first card it's art object at the promenade of Perm city.

Helen said...

Thank you! By the way, you posted 4 times, so I deleted the extra messages.