Saturday, 11 April 2015

Two from Belgium

March 24, 2015

Belgium is a fairly rare country.  In almost 4 years, I've only received 7 cards from that country.  On March 24th, I received two! Quite an odd occurrence.

The first card comes from Turkey, but the sender sent it from Belgium.  Inge writes," Hello!  I send you this very (1976) old card from Antwerp, Belgium.  I like it because we made a very nice trip to Istanbul and we were deeply impressed by this mosque.  I hope you like it.  Best Wishes, Inge"

I do appreciate  Inge explaining why she sent it to me.  It is a beautiful picture and the fact that she kept it for a long time makes it quite special.  

The Mosque of Soliman the Magnificent and the Golden Horn

Inge decorated the back of the card and also put this interesting stamp on it.  I haven't seen this one before.
Thanks Inge!

Petra wrote a quick note on her card, " Hi there, Will go out for lunch later today and then go geocaching, treasure hunt by GPS.  Hope it will stay dry!  Petra

It is interesting to hear about someone's plans for the day, but there was no explanation about the card or why she chose it for me.  

Alfred Hitchcock
 This is a beautiful stamp.  I like to see other countries' Air Mail stickers too.

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