Monday, 27 April 2015

United States of America

April 9, 2015

Dawn sent this great card to me from Denver, Colorado.  She tells me that it is a beautiful spring day. She likes to crochet too, but isn't as good at knitting.

She is reading a book called "The Passage" by Cronin.  She likes to read a lot as well.  She is cooking with habaneros this week but hasn't done that before.  She says it is hot but floral and she likes it.

Writing about the card, she says that the aspen tree only grows in colonies and they are beautiful up in the mountains.  She wishes that they grew in the city but not so good.

Aspen groves grow throughout Horseshoe Park in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Spiro-graph like stamp is quite interesting.  I don't think I have seen it before!

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