Tuesday, 23 June 2015


June 5, 2015

This card came all the way from Europe to me.  The sender wrote a message on the back to me.

Christa said, "My name is Christa and I live in Austria in Europe.  In September I'm going to work as an Au Pair in the USA, New Jersey for a year.  I hope you like this postcard!  Have a good one! Christa"

This is an interesting painting!  It looks like a version of the Mona Lisa, but I could be wrong about that. Does anyone know?


Eva A. said...

I think you are right with the stamps. See here: http://www.philaseiten.de/cgi-bin/index.pl?PR=92600

Helen said...

I looked at the page, but my browser translator wasn't very good. It seems that I guessed well however! Thanks for visiting Eva :-)