Thursday, 4 June 2015

Russia - Chocolate

May 20, 2015

This card came from Russia and has a gorgeous picture of chocolate and cinnamon on it.  The sender also wrote a recipe on the back for lemon cupcakes, which was very nice of her.

She wrote, " My name is  Natalia and I'm 20 years old student from Russia.  Now I want to tell you a recipe of lemon cupcakes.  I hope you like received.  [I'm not sure about the last word]"

I'm not posting the lemon cupcake recipe (although it sounds yummy) as there are a few things that I find hard to read and I don't want to put a recipe up that doesn't work because I can't read it.

Chocolates with cinnamon on coffee beans


Brenda Perez said...

My husband LOVES chocolate - but he is allergic to it. He eats it anyway though.

Helen said...

I think it would be terrible to be allergic to chocolate. I'd probably eat it anyway too, unless it was a fatal allergy.