Friday, 7 August 2015

United States

Received July 23, 2015/ Registered July 25, 2015

This card arrived, but the number on it was incorrect.  I asked Postcrossing to send me the correct number, but I ended up receiving 2 other cards with similar numbers from the US in a short span of time, so they weren't able to tell me which one it was.  I finally found it out by trying each individual number at the end of the card and got it registered.

It is quite hard to read this card, some of the ink has smeared a bit and the handwriting is a little messy so please forgive me if it doesn't make sense!  "At softball game of son-pouring rain.  Rainy summer! Friday is Girl's Night...Games, Fun, Laughs, Food, In A computer class -I hope I pass!  We have 4 pigs to take to the fair in Aug.  It is a fun/crazy 9 days!  Pigs have to weigh 220-280lbs!"

I have no information about the sender from the profile either, there wasn't a profile.

Here's the card!
The Swiss Room in the Cathedral of Learning at the the University of Pittsburgh was
dedicated in 2012.  It is typical of Swiss communal rooms of the 1500s.  The four trestle tables
represent the nation's ethnic regions: German, French, Italian and Romansch. (The next few words are unreadable as the card was stamped there.) dates to the 1640s."

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