Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Australia - Black and White Maxi Card

September 2, 2015

Dorothy sent this card with a lovely chatty note on the back.  I love the card and I love the chat! She obviously wrote the card while reading through my Postcrossing Profile.  I might sound like a bit of a curmudgeon there, but I'm not really!

"I saw this in your favourites & I had one, so here it is, just for you!  I hope you haven't received one in the meantime!  I didn't realize I'd kept it so long!  2004! Feb is a good month for birthdays, mine being on 10/2! You didn't say if you like living in Japan! I've not been there.  You'd be well settled by now.  Where DO all the expired postcards go?  I wonder that too.  Are they 'stolen', destroyed or just not registered.  It is very disappointing!I hope this one gets to you safely.  It's officially spring on September 1st.  The days have a spring feel already.  I do like sushi & miso soup! I'm sure you miss your family.  My siblings are all interstate & I miss them!  Have a good day - from Dorothy"

Usually I enjoy living in Japan, but there are a few things I don't like about it...but then I wouldn't like some of the things back in Canada either!

Queen Elizabeth II, 1952
photograph Dorothy Wilding

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