Thursday, 17 September 2015


August 28, 2015

Natalia sent this with a lovely note about herself.  While I enjoy learning about the subject on the cards, I'm usually more interested in the person who sent the card!  Natalia did very well writing about herself.

She wrote, "Hello!  My name is Natalia.  I am writing from a beautiful city of Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus.  I'm 29, and now I prepare to become a mother for the first time and this is very exciting for me.  I like to read different detectives and historical novels.  Now I'm reading the Agatha Christie.  It's very interesting.  I like animals, I like to have a good meal and admire beautiful things.
Happy :-) Postcrossing"

In the light of lanterns - butterflies dog Alex likes to walk

I don't really understand this stamp.  It looks a bit like a celebration during a war.  Do any of my readers know anything about it?


Elena Solonina said...

The soldiers on the stamp salute in honor of the Victory in WW2 :)

Helen said...

Thank you! I appreciate your help :-)