Saturday, 31 October 2015

Czech Republic - Black and White Movie

October 28, 2015

This great (and long) card came to me from Martina.  She wrote a very cool message on the back for me.


A lot of greetings from Martina, CR!  Do you know movie "Cotton Club"? I have read about it, but haven't seen it yet.  I have one adult son living in Prague.  He had a wedding this summer and he and his bride spent their honeymoon in Japan.  I saw many photos and it was an amazing experience for them.

Happy Postcrossing!  Martina

Do you really like Craig's Bond?  I love Sean Connery!"

Like Martina, I have read and heard about The Cotton Club, but I haven't seen it.  I think I was a snob about the music when it came out, now I'd probably like that, but it hasn't been on TV in ages.

I explained to Martina in my thank you note that as much as I love Sean Connery as Bond, he just couldn't do the part anymore due to his age, so I think that Craig is a worthy successor.

I love it when people ask me about the things on my profile!

I posted these stamps sideways as I wanted you to be able to see them properly.   I really like them! 

Thank you for a great Postcrossing Martina!

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