Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Czech Republic

October 19, 2015

Zuzana mailed this card to me from the Czech Republic.  She writes a little bit about her town and the card she sent, then about herself, basically, my favourite kind of writer :-)

"I'm writing you from Orlova, Czech Republic.  It is a small town in a small country.  Despite it comes from 13th Century, due to mining there is almost nothing historical and beautiful left in  this area, but I really love the idea of having its own postcard anyway.  The blue cubic building is my favourite - library and the church at the left down corner is really beautiful inside.

My name is Zuzana, I'm 25. I work as a doctor.  I have lot of hobbies but absolute lack of time =) Today it was snowing outside, first time this year.  So make a wish!  Have a great time!

Love Zuzana

Zuzana used the beautiful Mucha stamp from the Czech Republic, but as I have posted it before, I decided not to do so again.

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