Tuesday, 20 October 2015


September 18, 2015

Christine sent me an envelope with two cards inside.  It was very kind of her as both of her cards are the kinds I like!  Actors and food.

She writes, "Hello, I'm Christine, a French woman, 55 y.o.,I live near Paris with my husband and a nice cat.  I'm a mother and grandmother so busy.

Louis de Funes is a popular French movie actor of the century 20.  He holds the portrait of Jean Marais, man of theater acting, cinema actor and sculptor.  They played together, in 1964, in the film Fantomas.

I wish you 'Good Holidays'.  For my part, I leave Sunday for a week in Lisbon (Portugal)

Friendly Christine"

Louis de Funes holding a picture of
Jean Marais from the film Fantomas
She included this fabulous looking recipe/food card.  I think it looks fabulous!  She wrote "with green salad:  Delicious!"

There are some amazing stamps on this envelope.  They look quite old, and are really interesting!

Thank you Christine!


LZ - The Blog Owner said...

Hi Helen,
I want to share my same interest with you, i.e postcard swap.
I love the postcard and the stamps are amazing too..

Feel free to visit my blog on my postcards collection : http://lovemyhappymail.blogspot.my

Helen said...

Welcome LZ! Glad to see you here.

May I add your blog to my blog list on the right?