Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Gotochi Card - Yamagata

September 21, 2015

Since I have almost run out of cards to post, I'll show you a few special cards from my Gotochi Card collection.  I'll start with my home prefecture!

This Yamagata card shows something that many of us eat at festivals or on road trips.

This is "Tama-Kon".  Tama means ball and Kon is short for Konnyaku, The yellow that you see on the card represents hot mustard.  The broth that they are cooked in is made out of soy sauce, sake and usually squid legs.

I like tama-kon on occasion, it's a food I associate with fun times with my husband, but it isn't exactly delicious!  The balls are very rubbery and the mustard is so hot that I burn my lips on it.  Still, it is very popular in this area.

When I tried to get a duplicate card for an in-Japan swap, I had to go to three different post offices just to find one!


Eva A. said...

Gotochi cards are wonderful. Did you see that I have received one of them? I feel so lucky!

Helen said...

I'm on holiday so I haven't been checking your blog...I will as soon as I get back to Japan!