Friday, 6 November 2015

Netherlands - Movie/Food

November 3, 2015

Christa sent a gorgeous envelope to me with 3 cards in it.  They were all cards that were interests of mine, so it was a lovely bonus to receive.

She wrote on one of the cards, "Hello!  Did you see this movie?  the man has more contact with his computer than with real people.  It reminded me of the book "The Circle" by D. Eggers.  I think people are far too attached to their social machinery....Greetings, Christa

PS. The other 2 cards are for your 'collection' (4) and they are very favourite food=meatball and 'pea soup' Very nice!"

I did see Her and really liked it.  I was surprised as I didn't think I would in all honesty.
The next two cards are food related.  I'm not a fan of pea soup to be honest.  As a child I was forced to eat a bowl of it by my older brother and I have never been able to choke down another bowl since.

These stamps were all across the envelope.  They are really cool, and feature lots of things that I like. The envelope was gorgeous too.

Thanks for a lovely postcrossing Christa.

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