Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Russia - Twice Sent Card!

December 7, 2015

This is rather an unusual postcrossing as the sender sent the card to me twice.  I'm not sure if this has happened before or not.  Read on!

Alexandra wrote on the card, "Hope your day is going well.  The picture on the card shows the part of river waterfront in Novosibirsk.
If we talk about my favorite movies, I can list a lot of movies, but 'Gone with the Wind', 'Natural Born Killers', 'Roman Holiday', El Laberinto del fauno', '3 Idiots', 'The Beach', Little Miss Sunshine," 'A Monster in Paris', 'Up', 'Gremlins', 'Snatch', 'Dead Man' are the best for me, I think. :)
Good Luck, Alexandra"

The Monument to Alexander III
On the back of this enclosed calendar was a post-it note that said, "Hello Helen! This card was lost in the post and then came back to me.  I packed it in the envelope and sent to you again :-) Alexandra
PS Hope this time things will turn out. "

Well, it did! Yay!
A Pocket Calendar in Russian


Eva A. said...

It's nice that the sender took the time to re-send the card.

Helen said...

It was, wasn't it! She's much nicer than I am, I'm not sure if I would have bothered! I rarely re-send cards.