Friday, 11 March 2016


March 4, 2016

Reeta send this card to me from Finland.  Her note was written in all capital letters so it made it a little hard to read, but the message is friendly.  Her stamp looks quite delicious too!

She writes, "Hello, nice to meet you!  I send you a card from Finnish winter view, the Finnish "Spa"! Many people here like to go and swim in a frozen lake and say that makes better to their health!  I like the nature all places I visit.  It's the most important thing I want to see.  In few weeks we go to Holiday to Lapland.  Hope there is nice weather to ski!! All the best! Hei Hei Reeta"

A great looking stamp.  Does anyone know what the name of the pastry below?


Michelle said...

Hi Helen!

Michelle from Chiba here. The stamp shows Karelian pasties:

I love seeing your cards.

Eva A. said...

I had seen this postcard recently, but I don't remember where! It's a nice picture.

Helen said...

Thanks Michelle! I learn so much with Postcrossing :-)

Eva, It looks so cold! I'm Canadian, but not a polar bear ;-) I don't think I could do that...but you never know!

Thank you both for commenting!