Friday, 18 March 2016


 March 11, 2016

Most of the postcards that I receive have nice messages on them.  Once in a while I'll get an odd one and I usually chalk it up to the person's English not being too good or not really knowing about my culture. This is one of those times.  Audrey writes about my profile and I'm not sure if she really understood what I had written.  Admittedly, my profile is quite long.  I have a list of types of postcards that I really appreciate, but I also tried to have a couple of things on it that most people can find without going to speciality stores or to a lot of trouble.

Audrey wrote, "Hello, there are really a lot of demands on your profile so I hope this is a right card.  It's a view of the area of holland I live in.  I live in W_____ with my boyfriend, 4 cats and 4 guinnea pigs.

Happy Postcrossing and greeting from me.  Audrey"

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