Saturday, 5 March 2016


February 29, 2016

Ashley sent this from Taiwan.  She wrote a nice note and I'll get to that, but this card arrived without a stamp!  It must have fallen off somewhere along the way as there is part of a cancellation stamp on the back.  I wonder what happened to it?

She says, "Hi!  I'm Ashley from Taiwan.  I'm still a high school student and going to study in college this year.  The picture beyond this postcard is a famous tourist attraction in Taipei.

Welcome to Taiwan!  I also want to visit Japan in the near future.
Best wishes!

You can see below where the stamp should be, but it just isn't there! Mysterious.


Eva A. said...

This is a "mail adventure"! The postcard is very nice.

Helen said...

It is, and that touch of mystery makes it just a little bit more interesting :-)

Thank you for visiting today.