Wednesday, 27 April 2016


April 18, 2016

This beautiful and long card came from Finland with a lovely chatty note from Marit on the back.  I enjoy cards like this where the sender lets me know about their life.

Marit wrote, "Hello!  An absolutely wonderful Tuesday morning with birds singing so lovely.  Yesterday was sunny and great as well and I spent most of the day outside.  I had a day off from work so I was able to. Took the free time to get the tires on my car changed from winter to summer.  Did it myself. =)  Later on in the afternoon my brother came to help me build a rockery.  He used a machine because the stones were big and heavy.  The end result was very good.  I'm going to plant some perennials there.  I love gardening.  Today work at a retirement home calls again.  Best wishes from Marit"

I don't think this scan of the stamp does it justice.  The real stamp is iridescent and is quite beautiful.  I love that it matches the theme of the card too!

Thank you Marit!

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