Monday, 9 May 2016


April 22, 2016

This card came from Alan, he's a photographer and made the card that he sent.  He wrote a lot on the back of his card, which was nice to see.

He wrote, "I am Alan and live in Poland.  I'm a student and learning in high school.  I love learn to german language, culture and all about Germany.  I like photographing too.  Many people ask me "where I bought the camera" or "what is the model." So I answer "this is only cellphone and this view on the photo makes it wonderful." So I watch no films, maybe one per month.  I love to go out and meet with friends :D  It's very important for me. This card shows some photos from Poland.  This card I created on my PC. So this card is my first to Japan =D I am so happy :-) So...How are you? What is the weather in Japan.  Now in Poland it's 15℃. So I wish you a good day and I wish you Happy Postcrossing!  ~ Alan

This is quite a beautiful stamp.  To me it looks a bit like a Ukrainian Easter Egg, but I honestly don't know what it represents.  

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