Thursday, 19 May 2016

Turkey - Movie Card

May 6, 2016

I adore movies.  Everyone that knows me knows I adore movies.  I write a movie column and I have a Facebook page (sorely underused) devoted to movies. I was very happy to receive this card in my mailbox recently.  Not only is it for an Academy Award winning film, but it is mostly black and white and a very striking card besides that.  Yes, you could say that I love this card!

The card reads, "Hi from Turkey. I hope you like the card. I really like this movie. I'm a psychologist and I love the film because of this. I love watching Japanese Movies. In May 2015 I did a Japanese Movies Marathon and I watched 146 movies. I love their culture. I hope one day I can visit anywhere in Japan.  Love, Seniz :)"

The stamp was also quite unusual.  I turned the scan because it was put on sideways and I wanted to show it off better.  Quite interesting!

Thank you for a great postcrossing!

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