Thursday, 26 May 2016

United States - Food

May 16, 2016

This interesting card came from ThirdPotato in the states.  He wrote a nice note on the back for me too.

He wrote, "Greetings from Atlanta,  Georgia! Here in the South, food is a major part of our culture, some unique food & drinks from the south are
-sweet iced tea
-sweet potato pie
-pecan pie
-fried chicken with waffles

I love exploring the unique restaurants of Atlanta.  There are a lot of fusion foods like Korean Tacos, Indian Burgers and more!  I hope you enjoyed this cultural trip! ~ThirdPotato"

Orange Sherbet before 1865
Sherbet, an ancient combination of ice and fruit,
 has appeared on dessert menus since time immemorial.
Orange Sherbet is one of the oldest and most established varieties.
(from back of card)

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