Thursday, 23 June 2016

Germany - Actress

June 18, 2016

This card came from Germany and was sent by Andrea. She wrote a friendly note on the back too.

I have received so many postcards with Marilyn Monroe.  Most of them are different pictures so that is a good thing.

"Hello from Bielefeld, where I live on a farm.  We have a big garden with some 200 y.o. oaks.  It's nice to relax in their shadow.  Being at the garden is also very nice :-)  Andrea"

I like this card, but somehow feel it would have been more interesting with the person that Marilyn is talking to also in the picture.  
 I haven't seen the Stefan Andres stamp before, and I think the other one might be a new one to me too.  Can't be sure about it.   According to Wikipedia, Stefan Andres was a German writer.  Unfortunately, they don't have any more personal information about him, just his bibliography.

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