Monday, 27 June 2016

Germany - Food/Recipe

June 18, 2016

This foodie card arrived in my mailbox recently.  The recipe sounded quite good, so for the first time ever, I tried a version of the recipe.  It was quite nice too, so I might try it again! The recipe was for a pasta sauce...I didn't serve the zucchini on pasta, and I didn't have any creme fraise, so I used strained yogurt and it was quite nice.  

Jörg sent this card from Germany with a nice little note on the back.  I was a little surprised at the front of the card because I am decidedly NOT a working mom...or a mom of any sort.  I thought it was a bit presumptuous. 

The card says, " Hello!
Today I'm very pleased to send you a card.  My name is Jörg.  I'life with my wife Ilona and my little Dogs in Bodium in West-Germany.  I'm realy proud to Relong to the Community of postcrossing people.  I hope you like this card and the stamp. Greeting Jörg"

A very interesting looking stamp.  I like the way the painter is adding colour to it!

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