Monday, 13 June 2016

Gotochi Cards - Ibaraki Part One

June 13, 2016

While I was in Ibaraki last month I picked up the Gotochi cards for the prefecture.  I had received one before as a Postcrossing, but I managed to get most of the others.

Here are the first three Gotochi cards that I bought.

Mito Natto
Natto is one of the most horrible foods that you can buy in Japan (in my NOT so humble opinion) but Ibaraki proudly put it on their first Gotochi card.  Apparently they use small soybeans and "mature" it for three months.  Most natto has the smell of stinky gym socks after a marathon so I do not intend to even try this stuff.

Izura Rokkakudo
This building was built as a place for deep thought.  It was built by Tenshin Okakura and he fell in love with the area when he visited the beach and built his vacation house.  

It was swept out to sea by the tsunami in 2011 but has since been rebuilt. 


Eva A. said...

Gotochi cards are a nice way to learn about Japanese culture, aren't they?

I'm afraid I wouldn't try natto...

Helen said...

Gotochi cards are a terrific way to learn about the culture here...and also each individual prefecture. For me, because I wasn't born here, I don't have the background knowledge about each area that a Japanese person would.

And I have tried natto...twice. That was two times too many ;-)