Wednesday, 24 August 2016

China - Unregistered

August 19, 2016

This charming card arrived with a friendly note on the back and I was happy to receive it.  Unfortunately, when I tried to register it, it came back as having the wrong number on it.  I filled out the form to have it traced, but it told me that the card was sent over a year ago, so I couldn't register it.  It is a real shame, because it is beautiful and I want to.

Sure enough, when I looked carefully, the card is dated 2015.9.2, but the postmark reads 2016.08.12. I wonder what happened.  Did it languish in a drawer somewhere and the sender thought she's send it off?  Did the post office lose it somewhere?  I'll likely never know.  I did try to look up the sender, but there are many people with a similar name and I can't be sure who sent it.

If by chance YOU sent it, please write me a little note underneath.  I really like your card and I wanted to tell you so in a thank you note!

Susie wrote,

This is Susie from SHEN ZHEN, China.  I'm a translator and I love travels.  Though I've never been to Canada or Japan, hope one day I can visit both of these two beautiful countries.  The background of this postcard is one of the most beautiful and charming places in China--YANG SHUO. It's a natural landscape.  The ancient poetry on the right side means, do not say there is no wonderful scenery in the world until you visit YANG SHUO. WISH YOU A HAPPY LIFE.

From: Susie

A World of Idyllic Beauty
 The stamp on the left is so pretty.

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