Tuesday, 2 August 2016

France - Food Related

July 23, 2016

Today's card arrived from Manuela.  She wrote what seems like a friendly note on the back, but she wrote it all in French.  I got the general gist of the card because I like French even though I'm a bit rusty these days.  Please feel free to test yourself and see how you do!

She wrote,
Je m'appelle Manuela.  J'ai 35 ans et 3 enfants. J'adore les années 70, la music rock psyche'délic et les plantes grasses. Ici il fait 27℃ et il y à grand soleil.  Happy Postcrossing!! 😃  Manuela"

How did you do?  My transcription is likely to blame for any problems in her writing...blame me, not her!

Google Translate came up with this...

My name is Manuela. I am 35 years old and 3 children. I love the 70s, the music rock psyche'délic and succulents. Here it is 27 ℃ and there in the sun."

Merci beaucoup Manuela!

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