Saturday, 27 August 2016


August 20, 2016

Renu sent this card to me from India with a friendly note on the back. I will have to use Google Translate for part of the card as some of it is written in Malayalam and I don't know how to make my computer do that script!

Still, the note is friendly and the stamp is cool, so please keep reading!

She wrote,

"Greetings from INDIA! My name is Renu and I'm from the Southern state of KERALA in India.  There are 22 officially recognised languages in India and the language of Kerala is MALAYALAM.
This is our script:
Helen - ഹെലൻ
CANADA- കാനഡയിൽ
JAPAN- ജപ്പാൻ
The picture is that of a houseboat on the backwater in Kerala.  I love taking rides on it.  It's so peaceful and calming.
Wishing you a wonderful day,

I haven't seen this stamp before, the bottom of it says it is a joint issue with Singapore.
Presidential Residence

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