Thursday, 4 August 2016


July 25, 2016

Hi again!  Welcome back, and did I ever say thank you for reading?  I meant to do it, it just slipped my mind.  Thank you for coming and having a look at my beautiful cards.

I recently received this card from Moldova, which I just had to look up!  It is apparently between Ukraine and Romania in Europe.   It's a fairly rare Postcrossing country and this is the first card that I have received from it, although I have sent 4 cards to Moldova.

Maria sent the card to me with a sweet little note.

She wrote,
My name is Maria, I'm 15.  And I envy to you because I dream to live in Japan.  I love this country very much, it is beautiful.  With best wishes, Maria.
P.S. My favourite movie is 'Leon: the Professional'"

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine
I'm not sure if there was a stamp on the card originally or not, but there wasn't one when it arrived.  There was half of a cancelation stamp and a little picture in the corner of the card where the stamp should be.  It's a mystery!

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