Wednesday, 31 August 2016

United States

August 22, 2016

This card came from Teresa who wrote a nice note on the back and also decorated the back a little.  I'm always in a quandary when I send cards.  I like to write a lot, and so there is no room for decoration.  If I put something on it, I have to put the stickers or whatever on first! How about you?  Do you decorate your postcards before you send them?

Teresa wrote,

"Hi!  It must have been such an incredible experience to move from Canada to Japan, because they seem to be such different places.  Japan seems very colorful.  I've never been to Alberta before, but I spent a few days in British Columbia eight years ago.  It was very charming.  Teresa"

Continents - North America-
Illustration by Marianna Sztyma

Very interesting stamps!  I haven't seen these ones before I think.


Eva A. said...

I've sent the African version of this card to some people, and I receive one of Europe. I think these maps are a great series.

Helen said...

Yes, I quite like it too! I'm not huge on maps, but I quite like this one.

Thanks for visiting :-)