Monday, 26 September 2016


September 16, 2016

When I took a look at this card to write my blog entry, I was rather amazed.  This card only took 4 days to come all the way from Finland to my apartment.  That's fast!  

Harriet sent this card with a friendly message on the back and some gorgeous stamps too. 

She wrote,

We have a beautiful autumn right now, it's raining but it's quite warm.  The card is a typical Finnish Autumn card and I hope you like it.  Japan, it is so far away from here..

Best Wishes

Look at those gorgeous pansies.  I adore pansies....

Thank you for a lovely card Harriet!


Maria said...

Hi Helen, 4 days is fast indeed! My postcards and letter from Finland usually takes 2 weeks to arrive (counting from the cancellation mark on the stamp).

This postcard is beautiful! I'm almost envious!

Helen said...

Isn't it great? I did think about putting it in for the Link-up, but decided to do the Gotochi cards instead.