Friday, 23 September 2016

Korea - Movie Card

September 15, 2016

This card came to me from South Korea recently.  It has a great cancellation mark and stamp on the back, and the front is a movie, so I love it.  The movie wasn't great, BUT it has the distinction of being the first movie that I saw after I moved to Japan!  I wanted to see it, so on a Sunday night, I took myself along to the terrible old cinema that was in Tsuruoka and very carefully went through the process of buying a ticket and seeing the show.

I enjoyed recapturing the memory of that night with this card, so it was lovely of Jungyesol to send it to me!  She wrote a great note on the back too.

"Greetings from Korea! I'm Jungyesol.  I went on a journey ('Muchangpo' beach) with my family!  Today, the weather is cool.  This summer was so hot!! I feel best in cool weather.  Take care and don't catch a [?possibly cold].  I'm susceptible to [illegible] when the weather changes.  Have a nice day.  BYE-BYE"

The Devil's Own
 Look at that cool postal mark.  It's so neat.  I haven't seen the bird stamp before either.


Eva A. said...

Sometimes postcards bring us something new, sometimes they bring us nice memories... :)

Helen said...

They do, don't they! It was a fun memory. As a movie fan and a Brad Pitt fan, it was a test for myself as well. I really didn't know what I was doing, but I did it. Yay for me!

Thanks for visiting Eva :-)