Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Russia - Tea

August 25, 2016

This delicious-looking tea showed up in my mailbox recently.  It came from Timoha in Russia, who wrote an interesting note on the back of their card.

Timoha wrote,

"Hello! I'm Timoha from Russia.  I live in Vologela City. It's on the North-West of our country.  I work with medical equipment for children in school.  My favourite movie is "Entrance Through the Window." It's Russian film.  I hope you will like my postcard.  Have a good day! Happy Postcrossing.  Timoha.  Vologela.  Russia."

Tea with lemon.

These stamps are beautiful.  I have seen the merry-go-round one before, but not the one on the left.  


Eva A. said...

I love this postcard, as everything related to tea. Also the message and the stamps.

Helen said...

Thanks Eva! I do too :-)