Thursday, 6 October 2016

United States

September 29, 2016

This postcard comes from Colleen in the US.  She wrote a friendly note on the back of her card and used a couple of stamps that I haven't seen before.

She wrote,
"Warm postal greetings from my home to yours.  I have lived in Spokane for 45 years.  Prior to that I lived in Seattle.  you can travel over the North Cascade highway to get from Spokane to Seattle.  It is a really beautiful drive.  I hope your day is good.

Lake Ann, North Cascades
The penguin stamp seems to be for added weight! Still, it is cute.


WalaGemini said...

I've been to both Spokane and Seattle, and the view is truly amazing especially in the summer time. :)

Helen said...

Thanks! I haven't visited the Rockies in the US, I've only seen them on the Canadian side and they are gorgeous! Someday if I ever get the time and money!