Saturday, 12 November 2016

Coffee, Tea and Pastries

November 12, 2016

Today the topic of the Linky Blog Party is Coffee, Tea and Pastries.  It's rather a delicious topic.  I have recently reintroduced coffee into my diet, but I love tea.  I have a huge bag full of different teas in my kitchen, and I drink them all the time!

 I have managed to find a Gotochi card that fits the topic.  Unfortunately, the Gotochi site is down at the moment so there aren't any links to the info for now.  This is a Morning Service. Many coffee shops serve customers coffee in the morning with sides that could include toast and salad.  It looks like this toast is being served with adzuki beans, a popular sweet in Japan. 

The next two cards are new and haven't been featured on my blog yet.  Their individual entries will be coming soon!

The first card came to me from Sweden and shows what looks like tea, coffee and some pastries, so really fits the theme.  There isn't any info about the card on the back, except for the illustrator's name: Annika Lundholm Moberg. 

It's a cute card!

Coffee and a doughnut...what could be simpler?  This cute little card arrived recently from Russia.  In Canada, most people go to Tim Horton's for coffee and doughnuts.  In Japan, the most common coffee shop is Mister Donut. Sadly, the one in our city closed recently.  

This beautiful shaped card came to me from the Philippines. It was sent by Susan who said this was in a series of shaped teapot cards.  She asked that I have a cup of tea for her when I received the card...I'm sure I did.  It got battered on the way, but I love the card anyway.

Thank you for joining me for today's Linky Blog Party.  Please visit the other members of the Party and see what they posted.  As for me, I'm off to have another cup of tea! 


Maria said...

Hi Helen , happy weekend from the JR en route to Kyoto 😊 Awesome cards for the theme, specially the one from Sweden -- it has all three! I just finished a cup of Japanese roasted tea from Starbucks in the airport. I'm a bit miffed I couldn't drink coffee for the meantime until my tummy normalizes again. Thanks for linking up!

Heleen said...

Beautiful cards!
Although I don't like to eat donuts that much (too sweet for me), the 'sweet couple' card shows true love and thus is my favourite :-)
Thank you for sharing!

Helen said...

Maria, is that the Houji-cha latte at Starbucks? I love it! In fact, last time I was in Canada I was so disappointed at the lack of good tea drinks available at Starbucks. And everything there was far too sweet for me...I hope you are feeling better soon.

Heleen...Thank you! I am not a huge doughnut fan either...I admit to having the odd one when I'm out with my husband as he likes them a lot. I'm glad you like the card.

Gerda Theunis said...

A cup of tea served out that beautiful teapot must be a treat... even for someone like me who's not a big tea drinker! (✿◠‿◠)

Helen said...

I love the teapot too! It was a thrill to get it in my mailbox! Thanks for visiting Gerda!

Joy said...

Lovely tea pot, I can imagine it with a matching cake stand. I have a sweet tooth so donuts and cakes hit the spot although I prefer the simple ones that are not overly sweet.. Envious of your mixed bag of Japanese teas.

Helen said...

Hi Joy, isn't it a great card? It was a postcrossing card of course and I really love it.

Despite living in Japan, I'm not really a fan of Japanese tea, so most of my teas are "English-style"! I did buy most of them in Japan, but not all of them!

Thank you for visiting and commenting :-)

John's Island said...

Hi Helen, It is almost time for a new Postcards for the Weekend and I'm just now getting around to leaving a comment for your post last week. You sure have a fine group of cards for the coffee/tea/pastries theme. They are all neat and it is hard to say which is my favorite! I love that Sweet Couple card! So sweet! I also really like the way you give the background info on the cards. Thanks for sharing, Helen. Wishing you a fine weekend!

Helen said...

Thank you for your kind words John! I like to know about the background of the cards, so I think everyone else does too.

Have a good weekend back to you :-)

Eva A. said...

As some commenters here, I don't eat doughnuts. It's the same with colourful cupcakes: I prefer to see them that eat them! Anyway, your selection of postcards is perfect, I can't say which one I prefer. Well, this is a favourite theme!

Helen said...

It was a very fun theme for me too Eva!