Monday, 7 November 2016


October 24, 2016

This card came from Finland with a cheerful note on the back from Eila.  She sent a square card, which is a bit unusual, but I like it.

She wrote,
"Hello!  Hei!

Greetings from Finland!
I'm Eila 49, nurse, married and we have two sons.  They are adults.  I like music, movies, reading, travelling, art, go to museum, good foods, swimming, garden and spend time with my friends and family.  Best of Finland is nature.  Best wishes, Eila"


John's Island said...

Hi Helen, An interesting card and interesting writing from Eila. "Best of Finland is nature." ... I like that. Scandinavian countries have a lot in common with my Pacific Northwest.

Helen said...

Although I haven't made it to the US part of the Pacific Northwest, I have been BC several times, so probably similar. The parts of Scandinavia I have visited are similar in many ways...and even part of Japan is similar. The area around Matsushima, near Sendai, is very similar to the BC coast. The more places I visit, the more things I see that are the same!

Thank you for visiting :-)