Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Slovakia - Handicrafts

October 25, 2016

This beautiful card arrived in my mailbox from Slovakia.  Sonja sent it with a long and friendly message on the back.  She also mentioned the stamps she sent, which is rather unusual (but great!) When I put stamps on my postcard, it is the last thing I do in the process...there's no room to write about them on the card. I tend to write a lot!

Sonja writes,
"Oct. 18, 2016. Autumn is here. +10℃

Dearest Helen!!
Friendly greetings to you from the other part of the world-Europe, very small country called Slovakia. I live in its capital, "Bratislava", Vajnory is part of our town.

What a story 😃 From Canada to Japan!
Had a very good penfriend in Okinawa.  Japan is my travelling dream, I hope to visit one day.  I love to discover new places.

I am a wedding specialist, had a busy season.  If free weekend, I love to bike and travel.

The bigger stamp shows Slovak Natural Heritage - Ice Caves - It is so unique.

Enjoy the upcoming time & good luck to you & your husband.

Love Sonja"

The larger stamp below is a picture of the ice caves that Sonja mentioned above.  


Eva A. said...

I like the postcards about crafts related to the sender's place. I'd like to find more of these postcards in the postcards shops!

I think that the recipient like to read about the stamps, and especially if we send mail to distant countries/cultures. My tip is to stick the stamps first, then write down the address, and then the message. If I did otherwise, I had never room for the stamps and the address! :)

Helen said...

I very rarely stamp the card first. For me, it is the last thing I do! I never make up my mind what stamp to put on the card until the last second.

I don't write about the stamps since I really don't know that much about them. Even if I found some information, it would be in Japanese. :-(

I've found that I have to really seek out crafty cards, and when I see them I buy them...sometimes more than one!

John's Island said...

Hi Helen, Very unique stamp and interesting card as well! Neat post!

Helen said...

Thanks John, glad you like it. It is a lovely stamp.