Tuesday, 13 December 2016


December 1, 2016

This fabulous shaped card came to me from the Netherlands in an envelope.  Elsemieke sent a friendly little note with the card too.

She wrote,

"Hello Helen,

Greetings from the Netherlands. My name is Elsemieke and I live near Rotterdam, where I work in the Public Library.  I love books and reading and going to the cinema.  My favorite is Harry Potter, both books and movies.  Happy Postcrossing and all the best!



Eva A. said...

I received the same very postcard from a friend in the UK, without envelope :)

Helen said...

Did you? I think for some countries it is much cheaper to send it with an envelope. I can only send the Gotochi cards inside Japan without an envelope...as it has to be handled by hand not machine.

I was quite pleased to see it, I wasn't sure if it is a mailbox or a lighthouse in a way...it looks a little bit of a hybrid of one!

Thanks for visiting today Eva.