Friday, 20 January 2017

Taiwan Double-Shot

January 10, 2017

Something really interesting happened with these particular cards...I believe they were both sent by the same person...they arrived the same day so I think the sender must have pulled my name twice (in two different accounts) on the same day.  I think it must have been a little sad for her to get the same person in Japan twice in one day!

I'll post them in the order that I registered them and you can see what you think. The cards are friendly enough and that makes me happy as you all know!

"Konnichiwa [I romanized this]

Because you like beautiful view from my city, so I send you this one, hope you like it.  And I like to collect stamps & postcard all over the world, so if you can, please send a card for me.  I will grateful & treasure it, thank you. 😀

Best Wishes & Happy New Year 2017  Winnie"

I don't send reply cards as a general rule.  If someone has said something that touched me or has done a lot of work on their card I'll consider it, but when someone just asks like this...sorry....I don't ask people for reply cards.

The stamp is quite interesting too.  I think it is a kind of coral.

 The second card is short and sweet....

Hello Dear Helen :-D

Happy Postcrossing!!

& Happy New Year


Hope you Nice EveryDay

Winnie (Taiwan)


Eva A. said...

That's odd! I love the postcards and the stamps, anyway.

Helen said...

Thanks Eva! I like them too.