Saturday, 4 March 2017

There's No Place Like Home

March 4, 2017

The topic for today's Blog Linky Party is Home.  That poses a difficult question for me.  Should I choose the country that I have been living in for almost 20 years (my Japanniversary is at the end of this month), or do I pick the country where I was born, and spent many of my formative years?

Home to me is still Canada.  I was born in Edmonton and raised there until I was four.  After that, my family began a nomadic existence for a few years as my father worked for oil companies all over the world.

When we came back to Canada I was not quite a teenager and from then on I wanted to go to the big city, Edmonton.  We lived about 75 miles outside the city, so a trip to Edmonton was always exciting, even if it was with my parents!

After university, I moved to Edmonton and even now, that is my hometown.  I have three cards to show you today.  The first one is a general view of Edmonton in summer.  Summer in Edmonton is glorious but very short!

Bird's Eye View of Downtown
I often took a bus to the downtown area to see movies or to go shopping.  It has changed a lot since I moved away, but I try to keep up with the changes!

This is the area of Edmonton that I used to live in, Old Strathcona. It was near the University of Alberta, and many of the buildings along this street are rather historic.  In the near left of the picture, you can see the Princess Theatre.  When I lived in Edmonton, I lived and worked in Old Strathcona and it was wonderful.  I saw many, many of my favourite films at the Princess.  I used to have a membership there and went once or twice or even more times a week if I had the money and they had films that I wanted to see.

One of the few times that I have ever done a swap for a postcard was when I saw that a person in Canada had sent out a postcard from my University.  I begged her to send me one and she graciously agreed.  Camrose is a small city outside Edmonton.  I wanted to go to a smaller university, where I wouldn't be lost in the crowd.  I think I made the right choice.

Old Main Building, Augustana Campus,
University of Alberta

Although the campus has changed greatly, Old Main remains in place.  It has been updated, but for me, this postcard shows my "home" where I went to University and started my journey to become me!

I hope that you have enjoyed my quick look at my hometown(s) and will visit the other members of the Blog Linky Party.  Thanks for visiting me today.


Maria said...

Hi Helen, I love this post and the postcards -- all three of them! It's lovely to read what you wrote about your home town, your university, and the reason why you picked it. I hope you're having a nice weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Helen said...

Thanks Maria, I'm glad that you liked the cards. I had to search for quite a while to find any cards from Canada!

John's Island said...

Hi Helen, I sure enjoyed these cards. I once visited Edmonton when on a road trip many years ago. I stayed overnight in a hotel I can see on your first card. It looks like a castle and I think it was called the Hotel Macdonald. I will never forget the room as it had windows that looked out over the beautiful river and park-like area on the other side. Now that I’ve seen your post I wish I had also seen Camrose. Would love to see the Augustana Campus. Thanks for sharing your cards and all the info. Very nice post!

Helen said...

John's Island, thank you for commenting! Yes, that is the Hotel MacDonald and it is a gorgeous hotel. I did my training there before coming to Japan and it was lovely! I didn't stay there, just had meetings and such.

I'm glad that you have visited Edmonton. It is a nice summer there are many festivals all over.

Camrose is now a booming little city, when I was in University there, it was a little sleepy and slow...a nice transition for a country girl before hitting the big city!

Thanks again.

Joy said...

Ones hometown always lives in the heart and you have had so many formative experiences in yours. Thanks for the trip around, I like that the bridges lead to a green space.

Helen said...

Thanks Joy! Edmonton does have a surprising number of parks and green spaces.

Thanks for leaving a comment.

DawnTreader said...

I like that last card... Looks very peaceful!

Helen said...

Thank you! However the campus is quite different these days, but that is almost how I remember it.

Glad you stopped by to visit!

Eva A. said...

So nice to see the places where you come from. I like the idea of the Japanniversary. We should celebrate our Moroccanniversary too. But last year will be our last here, so I only have a chance left!

Helen said...

Thanks Eva! It is nice to show off my hometown again. The foreign wives in Japan tend to celebrate as many milestones as we can. So many of us don't make it. It can be really difficult, Japan is a great country to visit, but quite difficult to be accepted into communities and families. It isn't impossible since I know people who have done it, but I'm not there yet.

Thank you as always for visiting and commenting.