Monday, 1 May 2017


March 18, 2017

I am back...mostly!  My internet connection is not perfect, and I haven't had time to re-activate my Postcrossing account, but I did receive a few cards while I was offline and thought I would show you one of them now.

I received this beautiful card just before I moved so I wasn't able to post it for you as I had planned.  It has a very dreamy quality, as I'm sure you will agree when you see it.  It comes from Russia and was sent by Alyona.

Alyona wrote a lovely note to me, here is what she said,

"Hello Helen!
Many warm greetings from northern Arkhangelsk.
(something in Russian)
Solovetsky Islands are one of the most beautiful sights in our region.
I've been there several times and dream
of going to Solovki again. Amazing architecture, 
beautiful nature and fantastic atmosphere.
No doubt this place is worth visiting!
Lots of sunshine and warm spring days,


These are the great stamps that were on her card.  Very nice!  I like the architecture.


Eva A. said...

Glad to see you back, even partially! :)

Helen said...

Aww! Thank you! I hope to be able to get back to Postcrossing soon too. I am really missing it.